RFID Data Analysis and Management

Abstract: The general goal of this project is to develop a framework for processing and analyzing RFID data. It exploits techniques from the literature such as:

  • Temporal Management Model for RFID Data;
  • Warehousing and Analyzing Massive RFID Data Sets;

Our framework incorporates all the required steps:
  • Data capture creation;
  • Data cleaning;
  • Cleansed data table creation;
  • DRER Implementation;
  • STAY, MAP/ PATH and INFO table creation;
  • RFID Cuboid creation.

Thesis: Oikonomou MSc Thesis (in greek)

Screenshots: The former screenshot refers to DRER and the latter to RFID-Cuboid:


Datasets: This RFID dataset was created using the freeware SQL Data Generator and can be downloaded from here.

Publications: -

People involved: Aristeidis Oikonomou