My research interests focus primarly on:

  • Spatiotemporal Data Management
  • Mining Trajectory Databases
  • Anonymity in Moving Objects Databases

Research Projects

  • GeoPKDD
    "Geographic Privacy-aware Knowledge Discovery and Delivery",FP6-14915 IST/FET Project funded by the European Commission. Abstract: The general goal of the GeoPKDD project is to develop theory, techniques and systems for knowledge discovery and delivery, based on new automated privacy-preserving methods for extracting user-consumable forms of knowledge from large amounts of raw data referenced in space and in time.

  • Diachoron
    "Management of spatiotemporal and semantic data for the documentation of historical information", founded by the Greek Ministry of Development, General Secretariat for Research and Technology, co-funded by the European Union. Abstract: Diachoron aims at the development of a model to represent the spatiotemporal developments of various types of historical information. More specifically, it focuses at the modelling of the borders (e.g. physical, administrative and/or imaginable -- coastlines, abuttals, proliferation of various phenomenon -- and of their respective mutation during certain time intervals. The whole process is assisted by integrating various types of metadata related to the documentation of the spatio-temporal alterations.
Last Modified: February 2011